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SIMDASH-ELITE 4.3 Inch - Simracing Dashboard


Continuing with our Elite product series, we are proud to announce our new Simracing Dashboard!

This dashboard has a wide range of compatibility and suited for most simracing setups and wheelbases

simdash front_edited.jpg

Made of 6061 Aluminum and Carbon fiber materials

This dash is strong, compact and ultra thin.

Easy installation and quick setup through Simhub

simdash usbc.jpg
simdash 2_edited.jpg

Provided with a high speed USB-C cable

No limitations in data transfer

The SIMDASH-ELITE features:

• 6061 Aluminum front and rear body

800x480px / 60fps 4.3Inch display

• 20 Individually RGB Controlled Leds

• 4x M4 threaded holes + Carbon mounting brackets

• High speed USB-C Connector

• USB-C Cable included (90 degree connector)

• 2x M5 and 2xM6 Screws with washers

• Only 20mm thick!

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