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The ZS5-DTM is equipt with an 4mm Carbon Fiber main plate.

For an even stronger build, we opted for an 6061 CNC'ed Aluminum Housing.

The grips are covered with Suéde leather for an optimal and long lasting grip.

2x CTS288 encoders
This incredible clean wheel has our latest Aluminum Magnetic Shifters.

Aswell as the shifters, we upgraded our Clutch design to have ultra smooth and optimal feeling when operating them.

In addition, a Aluminum spacer/adapter with an 70mm bolt pattern to easily mount your Quick Release.

The back of the wheel is equipt with shifters and clutches, but we also added 2 extra buttons. This gives the opportunity to do quick operations during driving.

The ZS5-DTM features:

• 4mm Carbon Fiber main plate

• 6061 Aluminum Housing

• Suéde grips

• 10 Buttons + 2 Back buttons

• 2x CTS288 Rotary Encoders

• Coiled USB Cable included (Plug&Play)

• 70mm Bolt pattern

• 300mm Diameter

• Aluminum Magnetic Shifters + Carbon paddle

• 1x or Dual Clutch

• Aluminum Spacer/Adapter (70mm bolt pattern)

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