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There it is! Our UPDATED ZS-LMP-PRO Steering wheel now available! 


This wheel offers incredible oppertunities to not only race at next level, but also being able to customise your own layout.


All 11 Buttons and 4 Rotaries are individualy RGB controlable. You can dim, colorise and customise every button and rotary to your liking!


With a total of 8 Rotaries,11 Buttons and 1 funky switch there is plenty of inputs to map all of your controls.

There are 4 Paddle Shifters available, and to make it even more professional, you can add 1 or 2 Cluthes in your configuration. On the back, there are also 2 buttons for extra inputs.


Aswell as the buttons and rotaties, the 5 Inch Screen offers an unique possibility to display all your needed information. The top LEDS are also fully customisable, you can use these for example RPMS, Yellow Flags, Pit Limiter Etc.



This wheel futures

  • 305mm Diameter
  • 5mm  Carbon Fiber Front plate
  • 4mm Carbon Fiber Rear plate
  • Aluminum Button Panels
  • Aluminum Rotary Knobs
  • 11 RGB-Controlable Buttons
  • 4 RGB-Controlable Rotaties
  • 1 Funky Switch/Joystick
  • 2 or 4 Magnetic Aluminum Shifters
  • 1 or 2 Clutches
  • Rubber Grips
  • RPM Leds
  • 5 Inch Screen
  • 70mm Bolt Pattern


This wheel is connected with a coiled Usb Cable, we recommend using a 36W powered USB Hub to provide all power that this wheel needs.


This wheel is a special and custom made wheel, please contact us to customise the wheel or place the order directly. The build time will be more than our other wheels because of this.


Order yours now!


Check our previous cheaper version aswell!

CUSTOM | ZS-LMP-PRO Simracing Steeringwheel

PriceFrom €1,389.00
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