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Improve your driving

Our goal is to provide the best possible racing

'From simracers, for simracers'

Having a dream wheel in your hands is the first step, but being able to handle the car in the right way and becomming faster is what we offer.

My name is Zen Metternich, making wheels has always been leading to being a simracer myself. With a professional wheel I was always finding the limits on the car but also keeping the tires alive. 

With plenty of expierence in racing the Fomula Hybrid cars from Racesimstudio in Assetto Corsa at high level, I am offering you the oppertunity to improve your racing skills.

Together with my other coach we want to reach as many Simracers to improve their lines, entry and exit speed aswell as consistancy throughout a whole race and many more.

We will teach you your requested points.

For example

- Car Tips
- Track Tips
- Racing Lines
- Tire management
- Battery management
- Hotlapping
- Race Pace
- Consistancy
- Setting up the car 


You can book a free first session of 30min to see if it suits you.

Feel free to fill in the form below and you will receive a quotation very quickly!

Request Coaching

Thank you! You will receive an answer soon!

Also check our Discord!

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